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PBC News & Comment: FBI Uses Seattle Newspaper for Spoof in Investigation

The FBI used a dummy news story from a Seattle newspaper to dupe a suspect in an investigation in 2007….

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–FBI may have identified, located “second” NSA leaker
–US Post Office handled 50,000 mail monitor requests in 2013
–Hong Kong protester was arrested after internet postings
–in Syria, al Nusra rebels stage attacks on Assad installations, as Australia says its troops will fight alongside Iran against IS
–excerpt from our in-depth interview with journalist Reese Erlich on his new book, Inside Syria
–will US use depleted uranium shells against IS?
–friend of Tsarnaev convicted of lying to FBI, faces 8 years
–Democrats face no penalties for lying to supporters in desperate pleas for campaign cash
–transfer of Gitmo prisoners on hold for Uruguay elections
–Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog breaks down report from Carbon Institute showing fracking output is hugely exaggerated
–Canada’s new anti-terrorism legislation allows domestic spy agency to work worldwide
–Natasha Lennard at Vice News comments on the use of “lone wolf” cases to justify surveillance, war on IS
–some Berkeley students, apparently ignorant of the Free Speech Movement there, want to block Bill Maher from speaking
–Lava flow threatens homes on Big Island of Hawaii