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PBC News & Comment: FBI Uses Seattle Newspaper for Spoof in Investigation

The FBI used a dummy news story from a Seattle newspaper to dupe a suspect in an investigation in 2007....

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--FBI may have identified, located “second” NSA leaker
--US Post Office handled 50,000 mail monitor requests in 2013
--Hong Kong protester was arrested after internet postings
--in Syria, al Nusra rebels stage attacks on Assad installations, as Australia says its troops will fight alongside Iran against IS
--excerpt from our in-depth interview with journalist Reese Erlich on his new book, Inside Syria
--will US use depleted uranium shells against IS?
--friend of Tsarnaev convicted of lying to FBI, faces 8 years
--Democrats face no penalties for lying to supporters in desperate pleas for campaign cash
--transfer of Gitmo prisoners on hold for Uruguay elections
--Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog breaks down report from Carbon Institute showing fracking output is hugely exaggerated
--Canada’s new anti-terrorism legislation allows domestic spy agency to work worldwide
--Natasha Lennard at Vice News comments on the use of “lone wolf” cases to justify surveillance, war on IS
--some Berkeley students, apparently ignorant of the Free Speech Movement there, want to block Bill Maher from speaking
--Lava flow threatens homes on Big Island of Hawaii