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PBC News & Comment: FBI Wants Even More Unchecked Power

–FBI hopes to broadly expand its authority to hack into computers anywhere, using an obscure Justice Dept panel…

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–in Britain GCHQ can access raw NSA data without warrant
–Defense critic Bill Hartung asks if mercenaries will be hired for “boots on the ground” in Iraq and Syria
–PBS Frontline on IS offered important background info, especially on Maliki’s purges of Sunnis, as many say Obama was informed but refused to act
–is Obama foreign policy team worn out, ready for new blood for final 2 years?
–high-ranking White House leaker calls Netanyahu “chickenshit”
–Egypt will create buffer zone with Gaza
–CNN International runs infomercials that curry favor with sponsors, play down bad news, reports CJR
–corporate space launch fails as rocket explodes at liftoff
–in prime time report for al Jazeera, Greg Palast exposes voter suppression schemes that may prevent 7 million people from voting next week
–federal nuke regulators and rogue utility PG&E secretly revised the license for California’s last nuke plant