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As Giants Win World Series, Unruly Mobs Dampen the Glow of Victory

–Giants win the World Series in taut Game 7, and idiots brawl in celebration on the streets of San Francisco…

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–free speech rights roundup:
–UC Berkeley student group withdraws invitation to Bill Maher, but Chancellor overrules them
–a year after being jailed for journalism, Roger Shuler describes the price he’s paid, and comments on the exposure of judge Mark Fuller as a wife-beater
–10 years ago, Theo van Gogh was killed in Amsterdam over anti-Islamic film
–Beijing group expels Hong Kong delegate for expressing criticism of the handling of protests
–$100 million of misleading political speech unleashed just in North Carolina Senate race
–is al Qaeda mending fences with Islamic State?
–FBI brags about its expanded biometric collection capabilities
–ProPublica investigates Red Cross response to Hurricane Sandy, showing that it values fundraising and PR over relief
–ending my self-imposed silence on ebola fears, I support Kaci Hickox in her defiance of stupid attempts at quarantine
–website exposes Hickox as CDC Intelligence Officer, lectures her for resisting quarantine