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As Giants Win World Series, Unruly Mobs Dampen the Glow of Victory

--Giants win the World Series in taut Game 7, and idiots brawl in celebration on the streets of San Francisco...

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--free speech rights roundup:
--UC Berkeley student group withdraws invitation to Bill Maher, but Chancellor overrules them
--a year after being jailed for journalism, Roger Shuler describes the price he’s paid, and comments on the exposure of judge Mark Fuller as a wife-beater
--10 years ago, Theo van Gogh was killed in Amsterdam over anti-Islamic film
--Beijing group expels Hong Kong delegate for expressing criticism of the handling of protests
--$100 million of misleading political speech unleashed just in North Carolina Senate race
--is al Qaeda mending fences with Islamic State?
--FBI brags about its expanded biometric collection capabilities
--ProPublica investigates Red Cross response to Hurricane Sandy, showing that it values fundraising and PR over relief
--ending my self-imposed silence on ebola fears, I support Kaci Hickox in her defiance of stupid attempts at quarantine
--website exposes Hickox as CDC Intelligence Officer, lectures her for resisting quarantine