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Ray McGovern Arrested, Prevented From Entering NY YMCA to See Petraeus Event

Our friend and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern arrested, prevented from attending NYC discussion panel with David Petraeus, Max Boot…

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–Omar Khadr, child soldier tortured by US, writes op-ed urging fellow Canadians to resist security laws that trample human rights, and uses his own case as a prime example
–tension builds in Jerusalem, Netanyahu blocks access to Temple Mount by Palestinians, then backs down
–background: holy sites in Jerusalem nominally controlled by Jordan under treaty, but Israel runs security
–Israeli boycott organizers score victory, as Scarlett Johansson-endorsed SodaStream shuts operation
–after 100 days of captivity in Iran, family of American journalist Jason Rezaian renews call for his release
–IS tactics of revenge on “moderate” Sunnis expose another weakness in US strategy
–American who allegedly tried to join IS in Syria pleads guilty, but the only evidence we’ve seen is a Tweet
–NY Times story uses anonymous White House sources to blame Russia for cyberattacks, linked to other Russian actions
–online media outlet Pando, and others, pressure Greenwald etal to explain Matt Taibi’s departure from First Look
–in Stockton bankruptcy, unlike Detroit, pensions are protected
–Halloween wierdos: Rochester woman in zombie costume gets 2 DUI’s in 3 hours; in Mill Valley, Christ is arrested for impersonating a cop