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PBC News & Comment: Personal Privacy is Dead, R.I.P.

Personal Privacy is dead, funeral services were held in secret: NSA, Britain’s GCHQ challenge modest encryption efforts by tech companies...

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--US Appeals Court hears arguments in case regarding NSA’s dragnet collection of phone call data
--another crisis in US nuclear command, as commanders at 2 of the 3 nuclear bases are sacked
--76 members of Congress sign letter to Obama asking to view videos of cell extractions and force feeding at Guantanamo
--at Vice News, Jason Leopold reports on Ferguson police emails and report that email system failed after killing of Brown
--Tsarnaev sister takes guilty plea in old case from 2010, unrelated to Boston Marathon bomb case
--election in eastern Ukraine is accepted by Moscow, rejected by Kiev and the West
--former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson helped win the release of ex-Marine Tahmooressi from Mexican jail last week
--new Wolf of Wall Street exposed for sex & drugs, but nobody prosecuted for massive financial crimes