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PBC News & Comment: Personal Privacy is Dead, R.I.P.

Personal Privacy is dead, funeral services were held in secret: NSA, Britain’s GCHQ challenge modest encryption efforts by tech companies…

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–US Appeals Court hears arguments in case regarding NSA’s dragnet collection of phone call data
–another crisis in US nuclear command, as commanders at 2 of the 3 nuclear bases are sacked
–76 members of Congress sign letter to Obama asking to view videos of cell extractions and force feeding at Guantanamo
–at Vice News, Jason Leopold reports on Ferguson police emails and report that email system failed after killing of Brown
–Tsarnaev sister takes guilty plea in old case from 2010, unrelated to Boston Marathon bomb case
–election in eastern Ukraine is accepted by Moscow, rejected by Kiev and the West
–former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson helped win the release of ex-Marine Tahmooressi from Mexican jail last week
–new Wolf of Wall Street exposed for sex & drugs, but nobody prosecuted for massive financial crimes