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PBC News & Comment: Midterms Define Democrats as Desperate, Irrelevant #2 Corporate Party

Midterm election blowout exposes Democratic Party as irrelevant #2 corporate party, with weak, fear-based tactics aimed at wedging liberal base…..

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–Dems spent big on Hagan, Grimes and Landrieu, damaging the brand in desperate effort to hold seats
–in many races, Dems used bad strategy: Udall in Colorado ran solely on choice, Davis in Texas de-emphasized her strongest issue
–GOP voter suppression and superPacs made the difference in close races
–voters legalize weed in Oregon, Alaska and DC; GMO labeling killed in Colorado
–soda tax passes in Berkeley, fails in San Francisco
–new Princeton study says US is no longer an actual democracy
Other news:

–after 13 years, Kuwaiti man is finally released from Guantanamo
–at Vice News, Jason Leopold publishes documents related to Samir Khan, American killed by drone strike without any legal process