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PBC News & Comment: Scrappy Voters in Richmond, CA Flip the Bird to Chevron

High point of mid-term elections: little Richmond, California beats back Chevron’s big-bucks effort to make it a company town

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–fracking bans pass in Mendocino, San Benito counties, defeated in Santa Barbara; Denton, Texas passes ban!
–Nancy Pelosi raised $100 million, ensuring she will remain leader of House Dems, but it’s time for her to go
–in post-election comments, Obama negotiates with himself on immigration impasse, as GOP threatens
–Obama says he will seek congressional authorization for war on IS, as US warplanes strike mythical Khorosan group
–in-depth interview with former UN Rapporteur Richard Falk and Israeli journalist Ofra Yeshua-Lyth, excerpt about Netanyahu’s cynical use of kidnapped teens’ story
–second vehicle attack in Jerusalem kills Israeli policeman
–NY Times report says new Palestinian uprising unlikely, while Gideon Levy in Haaretz flatly predicts it is underway
–al Jazeera and Guardian take different angles, reporting that International Criminal Court will not prosecute Israel for Mavi Marmara
–Israel blasts Amnesty International for charging it with war crimes in Gaza this summer
–listener Larry Buchalter offers views of disabled community on assisted suicide