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PBC News & Comment: Scrappy Voters in Richmond, CA Flip the Bird to Chevron

High point of mid-term elections: little Richmond, California beats back Chevron’s big-bucks effort to make it a company town

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--fracking bans pass in Mendocino, San Benito counties, defeated in Santa Barbara; Denton, Texas passes ban!
--Nancy Pelosi raised $100 million, ensuring she will remain leader of House Dems, but it’s time for her to go
--in post-election comments, Obama negotiates with himself on immigration impasse, as GOP threatens
--Obama says he will seek congressional authorization for war on IS, as US warplanes strike mythical Khorosan group
--in-depth interview with former UN Rapporteur Richard Falk and Israeli journalist Ofra Yeshua-Lyth, excerpt about Netanyahu’s cynical use of kidnapped teens’ story
--second vehicle attack in Jerusalem kills Israeli policeman
--NY Times report says new Palestinian uprising unlikely, while Gideon Levy in Haaretz flatly predicts it is underway
--al Jazeera and Guardian take different angles, reporting that International Criminal Court will not prosecute Israel for Mavi Marmara
--Israel blasts Amnesty International for charging it with war crimes in Gaza this summer
--listener Larry Buchalter offers views of disabled community on assisted suicide