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PBC News & Comment: Dirty Deeds by AC/DC Drummer, and CIA, too; Plus, Chew Reviews “Birdman”

Charges dropped against AC/DC drummer in murder case, no charges likely for CIA torture program despite clear violations of law, treaties….

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–AC/DC’s drummer charged, then un-charged in Dirty Deeds plot
–CIA’s dirty deeds to be exposed when torture report goes public, if it ever does….Jason Leopold asks the right questions
–2 members of Seal team 6 say “I shot bin Laden”
–lame duck Obama announces 1500 more US troops to Iraq
–Obama’s situational approach to human rights bites him in Egypt, Myanmar
–Iran says American reporter will be charged, maybe released
–Supreme Court takes case challenging Obamacare subsidies
–Cincinnati federal judges rules against marriage equality
–Detroit exits bankruptcy
–Pentagon to investigate chemical exposure of Iraq vets, with no mention of depleted uranium
–report from Russian Union of Engineers says Ukrainian fighter downed Malaysian airliner [PDF]
–Gary Chew reviews Birdman