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PBC News & Comment: Dirty Deeds by AC/DC Drummer, and CIA, too; Plus, Chew Reviews “Birdman”

Charges dropped against AC/DC drummer in murder case, no charges likely for CIA torture program despite clear violations of law, treaties....

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--AC/DC’s drummer charged, then un-charged in Dirty Deeds plot
--CIA’s dirty deeds to be exposed when torture report goes public, if it ever does….Jason Leopold asks the right questions
--2 members of Seal team 6 say “I shot bin Laden”
--lame duck Obama announces 1500 more US troops to Iraq
--Obama’s situational approach to human rights bites him in Egypt, Myanmar
--Iran says American reporter will be charged, maybe released
--Supreme Court takes case challenging Obamacare subsidies
--Cincinnati federal judges rules against marriage equality
--Detroit exits bankruptcy
--Pentagon to investigate chemical exposure of Iraq vets, with no mention of depleted uranium
--report from Russian Union of Engineers says Ukrainian fighter downed Malaysian airliner [PDF]
--Gary Chew reviews Birdman