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PBC News & Comment: Obama’s Climate Change Deal with China: Better than Nothing

--Obama’s new climate change deal with China is better than nothing, but China’s carbon reductions don’t start for 15 years....
....and getting the US Congress to approve a deal will be difficult
--to fuel climate deniers in new GOP majorities, Heartland Institute tags “global warming alarmists” as “merchants of smear”
--Texas ignores voters in Denton who banned fracking
--Israelis, Palestinians torch mosque, synagogue as violence continues
--UN anti-torture panel probes US torture practices
--ObamaCo revises position on torture and detention outside US, but leaves loopholes
--Iraq vet Tomas Young dies, his powerful letter to Bush and Cheney lives on
--FBI defends entrapment of online gamblers in Las Vegas
--Americans get the message: Big Brother is watching, listening
--Romanian hacker who tapped emails of GW Bush and Colin Powell, explains that it was dumb luck, not tech prowess
--for parole seekers, claim of innocence is no longer a guarantee of denial