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PBC News & Comment: Obama’s Climate Change Deal with China: Better than Nothing

–Obama’s new climate change deal with China is better than nothing, but China’s carbon reductions don’t start for 15 years….
….and getting the US Congress to approve a deal will be difficult
–to fuel climate deniers in new GOP majorities, Heartland Institute tags “global warming alarmists” as “merchants of smear”
–Texas ignores voters in Denton who banned fracking
–Israelis, Palestinians torch mosque, synagogue as violence continues
–UN anti-torture panel probes US torture practices
–ObamaCo revises position on torture and detention outside US, but leaves loopholes
–Iraq vet Tomas Young dies, his powerful letter to Bush and Cheney lives on
–FBI defends entrapment of online gamblers in Las Vegas
–Americans get the message: Big Brother is watching, listening
–Romanian hacker who tapped emails of GW Bush and Colin Powell, explains that it was dumb luck, not tech prowess
–for parole seekers, claim of innocence is no longer a guarantee of denial