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PBC News & Comment: General Bolger Honors Veterans with the Truth

On Veterans Day, empty rhetoric abounds—but Gen. Dan Bolger tells the truth about America’s dirty wars, and the surge....

--at Pando “war nerd” Gary Brecher says the ascendance of Islamic State has stalled
--veteran Chelsea Manning is still denied hormone treatment and other sex change therapies
--shakeup at Veterans Administration is promising
--GOP sets sights on hobbling EPA, approving Keystone
--breaking Ebola-hysteria silence to report there are zero ebola cases in US right now
--as Obama calls on China for restraint, showdown looms in Hong Kong protest
--violence erupts in Mexico over kidnapped students and reports of presidential corruption
--Israel accused of gunning down 5 scientists in Damascus
--Hamas praises stabbing incidents, as Fatah leader blames Israel for tensions in Jerusalem
--nuke negotiations with Iran reach critical stage
--Repo Man goes digital: used car dealers attach GPS and kill switches for easier repossession
--Isabel Allende named to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom