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PBC News & Comment: If You Were Undocumented, Would You Take Obama’s Offer?

Obama unveils his long delayed immigration changes; if you were an undocumented resident, would you sign up for 3-year deferral?

–tech industry was hoping for more H1-B visas, got no explicit change from Obama
–details emerge on investigation of former US diplomat Robin Raphel, suspected of feeding secrets to Pakistan
–Turkish, Iraqi prime ministers meet in Bagdhad
–new IS video urges French Muslims to attack in France
–Iranian news report cites Iraqi sources saying US is airdropping supplies to IS
–5 prisoners released from Guantanamo to Slovakia and Georgia, 11 more expected
–struggle between senators, White House and CIA over torture report continues
–congressman calls for pardon for CIA whistleblower Kiriakou
–Utah legislators consider cutting off water to NSA’s Bluffdale data center
–former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb explores 2016 run for president
–Israel reveals it arrested 4 Palestinians for plotting to kill foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman
–University of California regents use Jerry Brown tactic to force the governor to provide funds to avert tuition increase
–Thailand bans “hunger Games” 3-finger salute