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PBC News & Comment: If You Were Undocumented, Would You Take Obama’s Offer?

Obama unveils his long delayed immigration changes; if you were an undocumented resident, would you sign up for 3-year deferral?

--tech industry was hoping for more H1-B visas, got no explicit change from Obama
--details emerge on investigation of former US diplomat Robin Raphel, suspected of feeding secrets to Pakistan
--Turkish, Iraqi prime ministers meet in Bagdhad
--new IS video urges French Muslims to attack in France
--Iranian news report cites Iraqi sources saying US is airdropping supplies to IS
--5 prisoners released from Guantanamo to Slovakia and Georgia, 11 more expected
--struggle between senators, White House and CIA over torture report continues
--congressman calls for pardon for CIA whistleblower Kiriakou
--Utah legislators consider cutting off water to NSA’s Bluffdale data center
--former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb explores 2016 run for president
--Israel reveals it arrested 4 Palestinians for plotting to kill foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman
--University of California regents use Jerry Brown tactic to force the governor to provide funds to avert tuition increase
--Thailand bans “hunger Games” 3-finger salute