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PBC News & Comment: Formerly “Anti-War” President Secretly Extends US War in Afghanistan

Obama secretly extends the war in Afghanistan and fires Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel: are these two events connected, asks PBC?….

–Sunday NY Times op-ed section didn’t get the Friday news that Afghan war isn’t over
–Sen. Rand Paul calls for vote on declaration of war against IS…what about Afghanistan extension?
–Hagel obstructed Guantanamo releases; Spencer Ackerman reports that Senate torture report writers interviewed no torture victims;
–in Friday afternoon doc dump, GOP-controlled House Intel Committee drops Benghazi report, clearing ObamaCo
–US and allies extend talks with Iran for 7 months
–Israeli cabinet passes basic law nationality amendment to pander to radical Zionists
–Marion Barry, former DC Mayor and crackhead, dies at age 78
–Dana Siegelman injured in hit and run bike accident, needs your help. Send donations to 1257 East First St, Long Beach CA 90802
–email comments from Mr. Andy Dral