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PBC News & Comment: Formerly “Anti-War” President Secretly Extends US War in Afghanistan

Obama secretly extends the war in Afghanistan and fires Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel: are these two events connected, asks PBC?....

--Sunday NY Times op-ed section didn’t get the Friday news that Afghan war isn’t over
--Sen. Rand Paul calls for vote on declaration of war against IS…what about Afghanistan extension?
--Hagel obstructed Guantanamo releases; Spencer Ackerman reports that Senate torture report writers interviewed no torture victims;
--in Friday afternoon doc dump, GOP-controlled House Intel Committee drops Benghazi report, clearing ObamaCo
--US and allies extend talks with Iran for 7 months
--Israeli cabinet passes basic law nationality amendment to pander to radical Zionists
--Marion Barry, former DC Mayor and crackhead, dies at age 78
--Dana Siegelman injured in hit and run bike accident, needs your help. Send donations to 1257 East First St, Long Beach CA 90802
--email comments from Mr. Andy Dral