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PBC News & Comment: It’s Time for Trigger-Happy Policemen to End Shoot-to-Kill Mentality

–Ferguson and other communities respond to grand jury’s exoneration of Darren Wilson in killing of Michael Brown as questions linger….

–recent killings of blacks by trigger-happy cops who shoot to kill fuel more anger
–Hong Kong protest sites cleared by cops and court bailiffs
–thousands of University of California students walk out at 10 campuses to protest planned tuition hikes
–in British Columbia, protests grow over tar sands pipeline
–NY Times front pages the “downside” of shale boom in N. Dakota, where big spills draw small fines and “cooperative” enforcement
–in Bay Area, small-town mayor is criticized for sharing information about the risk of tar sands “bomb trains” in Benicia
–Big Oil Leak: Western States Petroleum Assn. exposed for sneaky efforts to undermine California’s global warming law
–Pepe Escobar has great new book, Empire of Chaos, in this excerpt he comments on firing of Chuck Hagel and secret plan to stay in Afghanistan
–David Carr’s mea culpa on Cosby is remarkably honest
–Netanyahu agrees to delay vote on ugly nationality bill
–one more prisoner, a Saudi, released from Guantanamo after 12 years
–18 receive Medal of Freedom, including Isabel Allende