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PBC News & Comment: It’s Time for Trigger-Happy Policemen to End Shoot-to-Kill Mentality

--Ferguson and other communities respond to grand jury’s exoneration of Darren Wilson in killing of Michael Brown as questions linger....

--recent killings of blacks by trigger-happy cops who shoot to kill fuel more anger
--Hong Kong protest sites cleared by cops and court bailiffs
--thousands of University of California students walk out at 10 campuses to protest planned tuition hikes
--in British Columbia, protests grow over tar sands pipeline
--NY Times front pages the “downside” of shale boom in N. Dakota, where big spills draw small fines and “cooperative” enforcement
--in Bay Area, small-town mayor is criticized for sharing information about the risk of tar sands “bomb trains” in Benicia
--Big Oil Leak: Western States Petroleum Assn. exposed for sneaky efforts to undermine California’s global warming law
--Pepe Escobar has great new book, Empire of Chaos, in this excerpt he comments on firing of Chuck Hagel and secret plan to stay in Afghanistan
--David Carr’s mea culpa on Cosby is remarkably honest
--Netanyahu agrees to delay vote on ugly nationality bill
--one more prisoner, a Saudi, released from Guantanamo after 12 years
--18 receive Medal of Freedom, including Isabel Allende