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PBC News & Comment: As Exit is Delayed, More US Troops Will Stay in Afghanistan

Obama delays US exit from Afghanistan in sneaky way, gets no criticism; who will be the last American to die in “graveyard of empires”?
–liberals shudder as Justice Ginsburg is hospitalized
–media coverage in Ferguson, other cities encourages some of the vandalism and blockades; in Oakland, two TV choppers almost collide
–in Hong Kong, 116 protesters arrested in showdown; 7 cops are arrested for beating protest leader in October
–in Mexico City, human rights groups object to detention and excessive force for peaceful protesters
–in in-depth interview with British journalist Andy Worthington, we talk about the new campaign to free Shaker Aamer from Guantanamo; get the details here
–British report blames unnamed US internet company for inadequate spying in case of Islamist attack on soldier in 2013
–Carly Fiorina, who wrecked Hewlett Packard and failed in Senate bid from California, wants to be president
–Walmart workers plan strike on Black Friday
–EPA announces stricter ozone emission standards, prepare for GOP shitstorm
–frackers and tar sands extractors may see their bubble burst as crude drops below $80 a barrel, Steve Horn reports
–on west coast, seabirds are dying as warming kills their food supply
–Israel’s president, Reuven Rivlin, opposes citizenship law