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PBC News & Comment: As Exit is Delayed, More US Troops Will Stay in Afghanistan

Obama delays US exit from Afghanistan in sneaky way, gets no criticism; who will be the last American to die in “graveyard of empires”?
--liberals shudder as Justice Ginsburg is hospitalized
--media coverage in Ferguson, other cities encourages some of the vandalism and blockades; in Oakland, two TV choppers almost collide
--in Hong Kong, 116 protesters arrested in showdown; 7 cops are arrested for beating protest leader in October
--in Mexico City, human rights groups object to detention and excessive force for peaceful protesters
--in in-depth interview with British journalist Andy Worthington, we talk about the new campaign to free Shaker Aamer from Guantanamo; get the details here
--British report blames unnamed US internet company for inadequate spying in case of Islamist attack on soldier in 2013
--Carly Fiorina, who wrecked Hewlett Packard and failed in Senate bid from California, wants to be president
--Walmart workers plan strike on Black Friday
--EPA announces stricter ozone emission standards, prepare for GOP shitstorm
--frackers and tar sands extractors may see their bubble burst as crude drops below $80 a barrel, Steve Horn reports
--on west coast, seabirds are dying as warming kills their food supply
--Israel’s president, Reuven Rivlin, opposes citizenship law