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PBC News & Comment: As Egypt Drops Charges Against Former Dictator, Obama is Silent

--as charges are dropped against Mubarak and sons, new strongman al-Sisi echoes Obama, “looking forward, not back” while Obama is silent….

--Hong Kong protesters defy crackdown, shut down government building

--Ferguson reaction continues as Obama calls for cops to wear body cams, and limits to militarization of local police

--as corporate media features (mostly) white (mostly) guys commenting on race relations, Charles Blow accurately links poverty, racism and crime

--video from Ferguson shows cops or SWAT troopers setting fire to car during riot

--20-year-old found dead in Ferguson may have been Grand Jury witness

--killer cop Darren Wilson resigns from Ferguson PD

--Reuters reports 50,000 “ghost soldiers” in Iraqi Army

--crude oil benchmark price continues to drop, could lead to crash in energy sector

--Senators Boxer and Wyden email in misguided, desperate effort to save Mary Landrieu