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PBC News & Comment: As Egypt Drops Charges Against Former Dictator, Obama is Silent

–as charges are dropped against Mubarak and sons, new strongman al-Sisi echoes Obama, “looking forward, not back” while Obama is silent….

–Hong Kong protesters defy crackdown, shut down government building

–Ferguson reaction continues as Obama calls for cops to wear body cams, and limits to militarization of local police

–as corporate media features (mostly) white (mostly) guys commenting on race relations, Charles Blow accurately links poverty, racism and crime

–video from Ferguson shows cops or SWAT troopers setting fire to car during riot

–20-year-old found dead in Ferguson may have been Grand Jury witness

–killer cop Darren Wilson resigns from Ferguson PD

–Reuters reports 50,000 “ghost soldiers” in Iraqi Army

–crude oil benchmark price continues to drop, could lead to crash in energy sector

–Senators Boxer and Wyden email in misguided, desperate effort to save Mary Landrieu