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PBC News & Comment: Iran’s Air Force Joins the Fray, Bombs Islamic State in Iraq

Iran joins the anti-Islamic State free-for-all, sends fighter jets to Diyala province in Iraq; US, Iran both deny coordination….

--Sen. Rand Paul introduces declaration of war on IS

--Iraqi officials say woman held in Lebanon is not wife of IS leader al-Baghdadi

--Army Times reports that 250 soldiers from Ft. Bragg are headed for Iraq

--Staten Island grand jury declines to indict NY cop who killed unarmed black man with chokehold

--cop who shot 12-year-old in Cleveland was bounced from previous job for “dismal” gun skills

--appeals court delays execution of mentally ill convict in Texas, ruining Rick Perry’s day

--Jason Leopold at Vice reports on FBI efforts to debunk theories about the fiery death of reporter Michael Hastings

--in excerpt from our in-depth interview, Dr. John C. Warner, the “father of Green Chemistry” explains his vision

--Speaker Boehner struggles to control his Tea Party radicals, tries to avoid government shutdown

--Greenwald slams Egypt for letting Mubarek off while 188 protesters are sentenced to death