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PBC News & Comment: Jason Leopold Reports that Senate Torture “Review” to be Released in Days

--after 2 years of delay and infighting, including a Senate-CIA showdown, Feinstein’s torture review set for release, says Jason Leopold... --read Leopold's report here

--Sen. Paul forces lame ducks to vote on war resolution

--Sen. Boxer shows some of her old moxie in final exchange with head of Nuke Regulatory Commission

--one issue Boxer used to fight for was abortion rights…20-year-old Texan Lenzi Sheible is fighting—we talk with her in Processing Distortion podcast at BoilingFrogsPost.  Sheibel founded

--mostly peaceful protests in response to grand jury coverup of Eric Garner’s death

--Cleveland police department faces federal consent decree over pattern of abusive behavior

--St. Louis cops used Cleveland incident in inept Facebook post about toy guns

--at al Jazeera, Joshua Kopstein makes the case that cop cams don’t ensure justice

--Alameda County sheriff goes around elected officials, announces he’s got a drone and he’s gonna use it

--as Putin gives annual speech, Chechen rebels launch fierce gun battle in Grozny

--Putin says the West is trying to build a new Iron Curtain around Russia

--Robert Parry notes that even Henry Kissinger thinks Putin is being unfairly treat by Western media and leaders