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Progressive Think Tanker Dave Johnson Asks: Is the Democratic Party Relevant Anymore?

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Following the mid-term elections, your humble host tagged the Democratic Party as “increasingly irrelevant”.  In a recent article, Dave Johnson asks the question, and surveys recent progressive commentary.Johnson is a fellow at the Campaign for America’s Future, a progressive think tank in Washington, DC.  Their website is here.

In a recent commentary, Johnson cites a number of progressive thinkers who agree that the Democratic losses in the midterm elections were not just a product of low turnout…..voters are turned off.

We discuss a range of issues where the Democrats are positioned as Republican-lite, or the #2 corporate party.  Johnson compares it to the failed launch of New Coke, which was an effort to convert Pepsi drinkers who weren’t interested.

We talk about income inequality, the post-election moves on net neutrality and immigration that likely would’ve motivated some voters to participate, and other issues where Dems have moved rightward.  And we talk about how Silicon Valley has moved Democrats into a pro-business orientation.