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PBC News & Comment: For a Change, Good News from Guantanamo!

After president of Uruguay calls Guantanamo “a disgrace”, US releases 6 prisoners over the weekend, including hunger striker Abu Dhiab.

–Andy Worthington details the men released

–US commando raid in Yemen leaves American, South African hostages dead

–Hagel delivers the bad news: US troop levels will be over 10,000 and combat will not end, breaking Obama’s promises

–as he exits Kabul, top US general admits it’s a mess

–NY Times editorial slams Obama for “Backsliding in Afghanistan”

–Iran finally charges American journo Jason Rezaian

–Secretary of State Kerry made final effort to delay release of Senate torture report, as BushCo launches its defense

–British equivalent of FISA court rules that mass surveillance is legal

–head of Council of Europe’s human rights commission challenges that court decision

–Israel conducted weekend airstrikes on Syria

–Eric Garner protests continue in Berkeley, prompting militarized police response in the People’s Republic