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PBC News & Comment: For a Change, Good News from Guantanamo!

After president of Uruguay calls Guantanamo “a disgrace”, US releases 6 prisoners over the weekend, including hunger striker Abu Dhiab.

--Andy Worthington details the men released

--US commando raid in Yemen leaves American, South African hostages dead

--Hagel delivers the bad news: US troop levels will be over 10,000 and combat will not end, breaking Obama’s promises

--as he exits Kabul, top US general admits it’s a mess

--NY Times editorial slams Obama for “Backsliding in Afghanistan”

--Iran finally charges American journo Jason Rezaian

--Secretary of State Kerry made final effort to delay release of Senate torture report, as BushCo launches its defense

--British equivalent of FISA court rules that mass surveillance is legal

--head of Council of Europe’s human rights commission challenges that court decision

--Israel conducted weekend airstrikes on Syria

--Eric Garner protests continue in Berkeley, prompting militarized police response in the People’s Republic