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PBC News & Comment: Will Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman Be Home for the Holidays?

Don Siegelman attends court hearing on bail motion, new judge says he’ll rule soon; Roger Shuler drafts proposed decision…. –Shuler’s draft for the judge’s decision is here.  Look for my interview with Dana Siegelman later today.

–Amid mixed signals from “Justice” Dept., reporter James Risen goes to court tomorrow, pledging to refuse to reveal his source

–Senate completes the dirty work of the trillion dollar CRomnibus bill

–in strange Sydney showdown, gunman and 2 hostages are killed

–Supreme Court rejects appeal of Arizona abortion law banned by appeals court

Reaction to partial release of Senate torture report continues

–at Vice, Jason Leopold’s exclusive: James Mitchell confirms he waterboarded KSM and that he objected to some torture methods

–former CIA interrogator Glenn Carle refused to torture, calls Mitchell and Jessen “frauds” in Boston Globe

–even John Yoo admits that Senate report reveals possible crimes

–Sam Husseini says, torture worked to justify the Iraq war

–Politifact examines Dick Cheney’s denial comments, rates them false