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PBC News & Comment: Will Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman Be Home for the Holidays?

Don Siegelman attends court hearing on bail motion, new judge says he'll rule soon; Roger Shuler drafts proposed decision.... --Shuler's draft for the judge's decision is here.  Look for my interview with Dana Siegelman later today.

--Amid mixed signals from “Justice” Dept., reporter James Risen goes to court tomorrow, pledging to refuse to reveal his source

--Senate completes the dirty work of the trillion dollar CRomnibus bill

--in strange Sydney showdown, gunman and 2 hostages are killed

--Supreme Court rejects appeal of Arizona abortion law banned by appeals court

Reaction to partial release of Senate torture report continues

--at Vice, Jason Leopold’s exclusive: James Mitchell confirms he waterboarded KSM and that he objected to some torture methods

--former CIA interrogator Glenn Carle refused to torture, calls Mitchell and Jessen “frauds” in Boston Globe

--even John Yoo admits that Senate report reveals possible crimes

--Sam Husseini says, torture worked to justify the Iraq war

--Politifact examines Dick Cheney’s denial comments, rates them false