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PBC News & Comment: On Poisoned Spending Bill, Obama Leads 57 House Dems Over a Fiscal Cliff

Obama leads Dems in the House over a fiscal cliff, as 57 Dems bail out Boehner on massive spending bill

–see if your member sold out here

–“exceptional” American hypocrisy as Obama readies sanctions on Venezuela for abuse of protesters

–in Berkeley protests this week, undercover highway patrol cops brandished guns at protesters after their cover was blown

–China slams US for hypocrisy on human rights as it rolls up Hong Kong protests

–at Vice, Natasha Lennard slams Obama’s defense of CIA torture

–conditions in US immigration prisons are brutal, amount to torture

–Still-Attorney-General Holder is prosecuting reporter James Risen, as Holder is asked to approve subpoena to CBS reporter in case from 1998

–death of Palestinian leader after confrontation with Israeli soldiers leads to call for end to Fatah-Israeli security cooperation

–details emerge on bungled USAID covert op in Cuba, where Rap was the secret weapon

–porn stars stage face-sitting protest in Britain over new restrictions on porn content