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PBC News & Comment: Gov. Siegelman Will Not Be Home for the Holidays

–New judge denies release to former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, and Siegelman supporter provides details on Monday’s court hearing…

–Sony bends to hackers’ blackmail, cancels release of “The Interview”

More on Obama’s historic opening with Cuba:

–his action did not end the embargo or tourist travel ban, which require action by Congress

–the unnamed American spy released has been identified, Rolando Sarraf was double agent who spent 20 years in Cuban prisons

–Prof. Marjorie Cohn offers important background on the “Cuban 5”

–will Cuba extradite American accused of killing New Jersey cop 40 years ago?

–secret negotiations were handled by Ben Rhodes and Ricardo Zuniga


–in op-ed, Venezuela’s Assembly president echoes PBC comments about the hypocrisy of new US sanctions

–WikiLeaks pubslishes CIA review of targeted assassination, which was followed by Obama’s surge in drone strikes

–at al Jazeera, Dr. Jeff Kaye links recent torture program to CIA’s dark history with MKUltra and Kubark torture manual