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PBC News & Comment: After 47 Years, Obama Ends Failed Embargo of Cuba!

Obama accepts reality, agrees to prisoner swap and end to failed embargo against Cuba; Fidel Castro lives to see it!

–Obama says he will continue to press Cuba on human rights, as Guantanamo reminds Cuba of American double standards

–Uruguay’s leader says US guarantees that former Gitmo prisoners he adopted are not terrorists

–Physicians for Human Rights charges CIA doctors with unethical, illegal acts

–Bush and others convicted of war crimes in Malaysia

–in Russia, sanctions and drop in oil prices hammer the ruble

–reporter James Risen is told he must appear in court, but will not be asked to reveal confidential source

–in big victory for Fracktivists, NY Gov. Cuomo announces ban on fracking, after waffling for years

–Sony Pictures hackers, aligned with North Korea, threaten theaters that show “The Interview”

–Wired reports that FBI can crack Tor encryption using modified Flash code

–Yasha Levine reports on the smears and scurrilous attack from leading privacy advocates following his Tor article in an excerpt from our Processing Distortion interview