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PBC News & Comment: After 47 Years, Obama Ends Failed Embargo of Cuba!

Obama accepts reality, agrees to prisoner swap and end to failed embargo against Cuba; Fidel Castro lives to see it!

--Obama says he will continue to press Cuba on human rights, as Guantanamo reminds Cuba of American double standards

--Uruguay’s leader says US guarantees that former Gitmo prisoners he adopted are not terrorists

--Physicians for Human Rights charges CIA doctors with unethical, illegal acts

--Bush and others convicted of war crimes in Malaysia

--in Russia, sanctions and drop in oil prices hammer the ruble

--reporter James Risen is told he must appear in court, but will not be asked to reveal confidential source

--in big victory for Fracktivists, NY Gov. Cuomo announces ban on fracking, after waffling for years

--Sony Pictures hackers, aligned with North Korea, threaten theaters that show “The Interview”

--Wired reports that FBI can crack Tor encryption using modified Flash code

--Yasha Levine reports on the smears and scurrilous attack from leading privacy advocates following his Tor article in an excerpt from our Processing Distortion interview