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PBC News & Comment: Obama Says Sony “Made a Mistake” in Pulling Movie

 Obama says Sony “made a mistake” in pulling The Interview, says US will respond “proportionally”; reporters don't mention torture.....

--in Tinseltown, George Clooney stands tall, and alone, in figuring out the hacking scam

--other topics of year-end news conference include Keystone, race and inequality, the economy; he only called on female reporters, no questions on torture, CIA

--at Vice, Jason Leopold notes that the “Panetta review” is still secret, his FOIA suit reveals details

--in our latest in-depth interview, Prof. Marjorie Cohn slams Obama for escalating drone attacks

--new report shows FBI often mishandles evidence

--Feds will sue New York City over longtime abuses at Rikers Island jail, as mayor bans solitary for teens

--executions by the states dropped to new low this year, despite botched procedures

--Nebraska and Oklahoma sue Colorado for impacts of marijuana legalization—Obama could fix this easily

--in Kentucky, counties use ALEC scheme to bust unions with local “right to work for less” laws

--David Brooks notes how police unions work against progressive measures, like body cameras

--Stephen Colbert ends his Comedy Central show....we dug up the video from his edgy performance in front of G. W. Bush in 2006