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PBC News & Comment: Obama Says Sony “Made a Mistake” in Pulling Movie

 Obama says Sony “made a mistake” in pulling The Interview, says US will respond “proportionally”; reporters don’t mention torture…..

–in Tinseltown, George Clooney stands tall, and alone, in figuring out the hacking scam

–other topics of year-end news conference include Keystone, race and inequality, the economy; he only called on female reporters, no questions on torture, CIA

–at Vice, Jason Leopold notes that the “Panetta review” is still secret, his FOIA suit reveals details

–in our latest in-depth interview, Prof. Marjorie Cohn slams Obama for escalating drone attacks

–new report shows FBI often mishandles evidence

–Feds will sue New York City over longtime abuses at Rikers Island jail, as mayor bans solitary for teens

–executions by the states dropped to new low this year, despite botched procedures

–Nebraska and Oklahoma sue Colorado for impacts of marijuana legalization—Obama could fix this easily

–in Kentucky, counties use ALEC scheme to bust unions with local “right to work for less” laws

–David Brooks notes how police unions work against progressive measures, like body cameras

–Stephen Colbert ends his Comedy Central show….we dug up the video from his edgy performance in front of G. W. Bush in 2006