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PBC News & Comment: Former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney Comments on Sony Hack

--Binney says NSA finds vulnerabilities in corporate security, software, but doesn’t alert companies or consumers so it can exploit weaknesses…

--opening music from Joe Cocker, who died today at age 70

--Obama deflects McCain’s “act of war” claim, as North Korea’s internet crashes and Pyongyang offers to partner with US to find the real hackers; US asks China for help

--Tor encryption network is under attack, one key node reports loss of control of servers, reports Pando

--as New Yorker and NBC News defer to CIA, Greenwald names Alfreda Bikowsky as CIA “queen of torture”; she was identified here in 2011

--Wikileaks releases secret CIA documents for agents: how to sneak through airport security using fake identities

--4 Afghans released from Guantanamo, based on request of new President Ghani—we suggest British PM Cameron make the same kind of request to release Shaker Aamer

--based on Senate torture report, Marcy Wheeler explains how fake threat around 2004 elections led to CIA demands to resume torture tactics

--Jason Leopold translates the happy talk lexicon from Gitmo

--following weekend murder of 2 cops in Brooklyn, Mayor calls for suspension of protests—but will he get Giuliani, others to stop irresponsible blame comments?--we close with a gentle new inspirational tune from Michael Franti and Spearhead, Same as it Ever Was.