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Holiday Bonus! Extended Interview with Prof. Richard Falk

No Subscription Required….Happy Holidays!

Here is a truly in-depth conversation with Richard Falk, Princeton Professor Emeritus in international law, who served from 2008-2014 as UN Special Rapporteur for Palestine.  An acknowledged expert on international law and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he shares his expertise and insight, and discusses his new book, Palestine: The Legacy of Hope.Recorded on December 10, 2014 at the First Presbyterian Church in San Anselmo, CA, this podcast runs almost 90 minutes.  It opens with an introduction by David Glick, followed by extemporaneous remarks by Prof. Falk and an hour long interview with your humble host.

Some of the topics covered:

–Falk explains his use of the term “charade” to describe the John Kerry round of talks between Israel and Abbas, the leader of Fatah

–he describes the evolution of Hamas, which is ignored by Israel and the US

–he notes the general timidity of Palestinian leaders

–we recap the events of 2014, including the kidnapping of 3 Israeli teens that was used as a pretext for Israel’s 51-day assault on Gaza

–we discuss Israel’s self-investigation and exoneration of war crimes charges from Operation Protective Edge

–Falk comments on Judge Goldstone’s investigations of war crimes from 2008, and his repudiation of his own report

–we discuss the Boycott, Divestment Sanctions efforts of groups, including Presbyterians, that are producing a strong, devious reaction from Israel