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PBC News & Comment: Defiant Journalist James Risen Refuses to Name His Source

In First Amendment showdown, defiant journalist James Risen, forced to take the witness stand, refuses to reveal a source....

--Germany’s Der Spiegel reveals details of Obama’s kill list and targeted killings in Afghanistan

--as hacking charge against North Korea appears to collapse, Obama imposes new sanctions; beware of new hacking trend, ransomware

--as secret use of Stingray by local police is more exposed, Salon describes software that can detect active Stingray system

--NY cops continue to diss Mayor DiBlasio in ugly effort to use muscle to cover for Garner case and other abuse as cops reduce sharply the number of arrests

--new sex scandal breaks, as woman says she was underage sex slave, ordered to service Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz

--John Dissed releases new video of “Honeypot” about sex scandals