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PBC News & Comment: Power-hungry, Bloodthirsty Leaders Angle to Exploit Terrorist Attack in France

French gendarmes kill 5 to end terrorist episode, and power-hungry, bloodthirsty leaders leap at chances to exploit it…….

–listener Guido challenges your humble host on Charlie Hebdo coverage

–British spy chief demands more police state powers

–in front page story from Cairo, NY Times mixes lunatics with terrorists, then quotes Gen. Sisi as an expert on Islam!

–Netanyahu piles on, with rant that falsely includes Hamas with Islamic militants

–as corporate media compares events in France to Boston bombing, WhoWhatWhy notes some ignored similarities

–in excerpt from our new in-depth interview, BORDC’s Shahid Buttar argues that body cameras aren’t the solution to police violence

–California activist Eric McDavid is freed after 9 years in prison