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PBC News & Comment: Power-hungry, Bloodthirsty Leaders Angle to Exploit Terrorist Attack in France

French gendarmes kill 5 to end terrorist episode, and power-hungry, bloodthirsty leaders leap at chances to exploit it.......

--listener Guido challenges your humble host on Charlie Hebdo coverage

--British spy chief demands more police state powers

--in front page story from Cairo, NY Times mixes lunatics with terrorists, then quotes Gen. Sisi as an expert on Islam!

--Netanyahu piles on, with rant that falsely includes Hamas with Islamic militants

--as corporate media compares events in France to Boston bombing, WhoWhatWhy notes some ignored similarities

--in excerpt from our new in-depth interview, BORDC’s Shahid Buttar argues that body cameras aren’t the solution to police violence

--California activist Eric McDavid is freed after 9 years in prison