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PBC News & Comment: Will “Justice Dept.” Pursue Charges Against Gen. Betrayus for Leaks to Mistress?

High-level, calculated leak from "Justice Department" late last Friday exposes internal fight over charging David Petraeus with leaking classified info.....

--will David Petraeus be prosecuted for leaking classified info to his mistress? Will he be prosecuted for the failed “surge” in Iraq that led to rise of Islamic State?

--White House agrees with critics, US should have sent higher ranking official to march in Paris….hypocrisy abounds, as Netanyahu tries to seize the moment, France tries to ban pro-Palestinian protests, and more; Teju Cole reflects the contradictions in The New Yorker

--US military investigates more claims of civilian deaths in Iraq and Syria, as it denies most previous charges of killing civilians during air strikes

--political prisoner Don Siegelman gets rough treatment, has appeals hearing Tuesday