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PBC News & Comment: Will “Justice Dept.” Pursue Charges Against Gen. Betrayus for Leaks to Mistress?

High-level, calculated leak from “Justice Department” late last Friday exposes internal fight over charging David Petraeus with leaking classified info…..

–will David Petraeus be prosecuted for leaking classified info to his mistress? Will he be prosecuted for the failed “surge” in Iraq that led to rise of Islamic State?

–White House agrees with critics, US should have sent higher ranking official to march in Paris….hypocrisy abounds, as Netanyahu tries to seize the moment, France tries to ban pro-Palestinian protests, and more; Teju Cole reflects the contradictions in The New Yorker

–US military investigates more claims of civilian deaths in Iraq and Syria, as it denies most previous charges of killing civilians during air strikes

–political prisoner Don Siegelman gets rough treatment, has appeals hearing Tuesday