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PBC News & Comment: CIA is Above the Law, Beyond the Reach of Senate Oversight

At VICE news, Jason Leopold reports on CIA’s investigation of Senate investigators who found “Panetta review” documents, triggering constitutional crisis…

Read Leopold’s dispatch here

–FBI pattern of frame-ups continues, as it busts 20-year-old Ohio man with an FBI informant

NY Times editorial slams European leaders for using Paris attacks to expand police state tactics, fails to note its own hypocrisy

video of Paris attack scene shows that cop was not shot execution-style, as was widely reported (courtesy of listener Faith Peeples)

–investigators change their story about Kouachi brothers

SF Chronicle reveals important info on fracking in California

–5 more prisoners, all Yemenis, released from Guatanamo

–Peter van Buren posts commentary on war profiteering by military companies in new war in Iraq, Syria

–Jamie Dimon says banksters are “under assault”

–29 House Dems join most Republicans to pass bill to weaken Dodd-Frank