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PBC News & Comment: ABC News Delivers FBI Propaganda on “Home Grown Terrorists”

FBI fearmongering media blitz continues, as ABC airs “exclusive” surveillance footage from 2012 case, another idiot with FBI provocateur handler…

Watch the ABC report here

–Britain’s Cameron meets Obama, talks tough on terrorism, plans cyber war games with US, opposes new Iran sanctions, no mention of Shaker Aamer

–as Cameron demands total internet surveillance, new US report says there is no alternative to mass collection of phone metadata

–“Justice” Dept. reveals that DEA has been collecting phone records, too

–for a change, good news from “Justice” Dept: Holder imposes major restrictions of civil asset seizures

–France cracks down on nonviolent people who express support for jihadis

–FBI Director Comey slams NY Times for quoting anonymous al Qaeda source

–in CIA leak case testimony, Condi Rice tells how she got NY Times to block publication of Risen story on botched CIA op in Iran

–Pentagon will send 400 US troops to train mythical Syrian “moderate rebels”

The Guardian prints excerpt from Guantanamo Diary, a new book by Mauritanian man who is still held at Gitmo despite being cleared for release

–VICE reports that CIA black site called “Violet” in Senate report was in Lithuania

–world yawns as twin reports show 2014 hottest year ever, and ocean life is on verge of collapse