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PBC News & Comment: Obama’s War on Whistleblowers Claims Another Victim

Former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling convicted of espionage as Obama’s war on whistleblowers and journalists continues; Risen’s testimony wasn’t necessary…

–WikiLeaks slams Google for giving journalists’ emails to “Justice” Dept. without telling the journalists….

–Unarmed drone penetrates White House perimeter

–Prof. Bob McChesney comments on his new book, Blowing the Roof off the Twenty-First Century, with this indictment of our corrupt corporatocracy

–is MoveOn’s campaign to persuade Sen. Warren to run for president an example of “rape culture”?

Quick survey of war and chaos around the world:

–Greece elects leftist, anti-austerity government

–protests, crackdown mark 4 year anniversary of Egypt revolt, as Mubarek’s sons are released by the new dictatorship

–from his India trip, Obama adds stop in Saudi Arabia to kiss the hand of new King Salman, who reportedly suffers from dementia

–conservative columnist Ross Douthat reveals the truth that contradicts lies from John Kerry and others about the Saudis and King Abdullah

–violence rises in eastern Ukraine, as Russian media reports that English speaking soldiers are embedded with Kiev’s troops

–as US drone strikes continue, US embassy in Yemen is closed—but only to the public

–Kurdish forces in Syria claim they’ve taken control of Kobani

–in Sunday’s lead editorial, NY Times says US is quietly abandoning the goal of ousting Assad from Syria

–200 more Nigerians are killed by Boko Haram

–my votes for SAG Awards counted, as Birdman wins best picture