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PBC News & Comment: Obama’s War on Whistleblowers Claims Another Victim

Former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling convicted of espionage as Obama’s war on whistleblowers and journalists continues; Risen’s testimony wasn’t necessary…

--WikiLeaks slams Google for giving journalists’ emails to “Justice” Dept. without telling the journalists….

--Unarmed drone penetrates White House perimeter

--Prof. Bob McChesney comments on his new book, Blowing the Roof off the Twenty-First Century, with this indictment of our corrupt corporatocracy

--is MoveOn’s campaign to persuade Sen. Warren to run for president an example of “rape culture”?

Quick survey of war and chaos around the world:

--Greece elects leftist, anti-austerity government

--protests, crackdown mark 4 year anniversary of Egypt revolt, as Mubarek’s sons are released by the new dictatorship

--from his India trip, Obama adds stop in Saudi Arabia to kiss the hand of new King Salman, who reportedly suffers from dementia

--conservative columnist Ross Douthat reveals the truth that contradicts lies from John Kerry and others about the Saudis and King Abdullah

--violence rises in eastern Ukraine, as Russian media reports that English speaking soldiers are embedded with Kiev’s troops

--as US drone strikes continue, US embassy in Yemen is closed—but only to the public

--Kurdish forces in Syria claim they’ve taken control of Kobani

--in Sunday’s lead editorial, NY Times says US is quietly abandoning the goal of ousting Assad from Syria

--200 more Nigerians are killed by Boko Haram

--my votes for SAG Awards counted, as Birdman wins best picture