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PBC News & Comment: Saudi Crown Passed as Yemen, Libya Descend into Greater Chaos

Change of the Guard in House of Saud, as Yemen and Libya Descend to Chaos, and Netanyahu Runs Against Obama…..

--Crown Prince Salman, half brother of Abdullah, takes over in Saudi Arabia

--Yemen’s former president Saleh is reported to seek return to power

--Libyan tribes angle for $100 billion jackpot in state bank

--Tzipi Livni, “moderate Zionist”, slams Netanyahu for leading Israel into “diplomatic isolation”

--Iraq begs for guns on credit due to oil price collapse, Hadi whines at US

--in our latest in-depth interview, Jason Leopold of VICE recaps recent big stories, including the new effort to bury Senate’s CIA torture report

--NY Times notes many groups are against Hillary, fails to include Steve Yelich’s Facebook page, Dems Against Hillary. Processing Distortion interview here

--at sentencing, convicted hacker Barrett Brown is a little contrite, a little snarky

--Joshua Kopstein recaps the Brown case with smart commentary at alJazeera

--Brooklyn teen arrested for Facebook threats to cops using emojis

--Tsarnaev lawyers again ask for venue change as jury selection drags

--Senate Dems are using some good minority tactics, forcing pro-Keystone members to take a position on climate change

--former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman got the “frequent flyer” treatment from prison system as he was transported for hearings