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PBC News & Comment: Saudi Crown Passed as Yemen, Libya Descend into Greater Chaos

Change of the Guard in House of Saud, as Yemen and Libya Descend to Chaos, and Netanyahu Runs Against Obama…..

–Crown Prince Salman, half brother of Abdullah, takes over in Saudi Arabia

–Yemen’s former president Saleh is reported to seek return to power

–Libyan tribes angle for $100 billion jackpot in state bank

–Tzipi Livni, “moderate Zionist”, slams Netanyahu for leading Israel into “diplomatic isolation”

–Iraq begs for guns on credit due to oil price collapse, Hadi whines at US

–in our latest in-depth interview, Jason Leopold of VICE recaps recent big stories, including the new effort to bury Senate’s CIA torture report

–NY Times notes many groups are against Hillary, fails to include Steve Yelich’s Facebook page, Dems Against Hillary. Processing Distortion interview here

–at sentencing, convicted hacker Barrett Brown is a little contrite, a little snarky

–Joshua Kopstein recaps the Brown case with smart commentary at alJazeera

–Brooklyn teen arrested for Facebook threats to cops using emojis

–Tsarnaev lawyers again ask for venue change as jury selection drags

–Senate Dems are using some good minority tactics, forcing pro-Keystone members to take a position on climate change

–former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman got the “frequent flyer” treatment from prison system as he was transported for hearings