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PBC News & Comment: New Evidence Shows Hillary Clinton Was Top Hawk in War on Libya

Dennis Kucinich and secret tapes confirm that Hillary Clinton ignored facts in pushing for war and regime change in Libya…Read the Libya expose here

–new skirmishes in Sinai, Kirkuk, Pakistan, Afghanistan

–in Iraq, despite new “unity government”, new reports of Shia slaughtering 72 Sunnis in Diyala province

–all this chaos is used to justify $38 billion increase in war spending in Obama’s new budget

–bright spot in Obama budget: $215 million for personalized medicine

–here are the 9 Dem senators who voted for Keystone bill

–GOP Sen. Jeff Flake supports lifting Cuba embargo

–no surprise, Romney now says he won’t run on 2016

–in op-ed, Lavabit owner Ladar Levison says government told big lies about him and Barrett Brown

–Boy Scouts settle Santa Barbara sex abuse case in order to seal its secret pedo-files

–Danish journalist Emma Holten’s computers were hacked, and nude photos were passed around by creepy men. So she has posted her own nudes as a different form of revenge porn; see the video here