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PBC News & Comment: Have a Sigar?

America’s reconstruction watchdog in Afghanistan objects that his reports are being classified—to protect troops, or to prevent embarrassing waste?…

–NY Times editorial blasts attempt to conceal SIGAR reports

–in Islamabad, report that IS leader in custody reveals that he has been receiving funding “through the US”

–in effort to prevent wider conflict, Hezbollah signals to Israel that it’s not planning further attacks

–Boehner’s grandstanding invitation to Netanyahu appears to backfire, causing Dems to delay more sanctions on Iran

–Senate passes Keystone bill, faces veto from Obama

–in our latest Processing Distortion podcast, journalist Nick Bryant of Gawker talks about underage sex accusations against Alan Dershowitz

–at VICE, Jason Leopold reports on document that shows force feeding at Guantanamo violates international law

–ACLU reveals that DEA’s license plate database is massive, troublesome

–new, declassified FISA rulings show how the court has enabled NSA spying

–House Dems hold retreat, ponder bleak future due to gerrymandering, as Arizona’s desire to resume redistricting along political lines threatens California’s independent redistricting panel, too

–Washington Post reporter jailed in Iran faces trial on vague charges

–missing Malaysian flight 370 declared lost due to accident, so survivors can make claims