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PBC News & Comment: Mr. Williams, Your Pants Are on Fire!

NBC anchor Brian Williams is a liar, pants on fire, fights losing battle to repair credibility–will Clapper defend him?….

–Vaxxer orthodoxy reaches a new level of groupthink, political correctness

–Alabama’s Ten Commandments judge, Roy Moore, fails in last-ditch effort to block gay marriage

–Sen. Boxer’s tax break for corporations with $2 trillion stashed overseas—to pay for our rotting infrastructure—is a very bad idea

–Obama and Merkel meet at White House to talk about Ukraine and other issues

–after IS immolated its captured pilot, Jordan goes ferocious, with 56 air strikes against Daesh, some in Iraq for first time

–Shiite Badr brigade takes up the fight against IS in Iraq, putting Iran on the spot

–Pando defends its reporter Yasha Levine from online attacks by top Tor staffer

–Adnan Syed, the central figure in NPR’s Serial podcast, gets an appeal hearing in Maryland