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PBC News & Comment: Mr. Williams, Your Pants Are on Fire!

NBC anchor Brian Williams is a liar, pants on fire, fights losing battle to repair credibility--will Clapper defend him?....

--Vaxxer orthodoxy reaches a new level of groupthink, political correctness

--Alabama’s Ten Commandments judge, Roy Moore, fails in last-ditch effort to block gay marriage

--Sen. Boxer’s tax break for corporations with $2 trillion stashed overseas—to pay for our rotting infrastructure—is a very bad idea

--Obama and Merkel meet at White House to talk about Ukraine and other issues

--after IS immolated its captured pilot, Jordan goes ferocious, with 56 air strikes against Daesh, some in Iraq for first time

--Shiite Badr brigade takes up the fight against IS in Iraq, putting Iran on the spot

--Pando defends its reporter Yasha Levine from online attacks by top Tor staffer

--Adnan Syed, the central figure in NPR’s Serial podcast, gets an appeal hearing in Maryland