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PBC News & Comment: Obama 1.0 Resurfaces at White House Terrorism Conference

Rightwingers, led by talk radio loons, snipe at President Obama for failing to smear all Muslims in describing terrorist groups

--Obama 1.0 speaks at White House summit, correctly links human rights abuses with terrorism triggers

--Poland will pay fines for hosting American torture site…does torture trigger terrorists?

--new Snowden disclosure at The Intercept reveals that US and Brit spooks hacked billions of cellphone SIM cards

--The Intercept also reports that, despite Obama’s order, FBI continues to use gag orders in National Security Letters

--Jeb Bush embraces all of the surveillance programs of his brother and Obama, while saying he won’t talk about foreign policy blunders, like invading Iraq

--skirmish in Turkish parliament as lawmakers oppose expanded police state

--in excerpt from our in-depth interview with investigative reporter Peter Byrne, he makes the case that reported breast cancer clusters are based on misinterpreted data

--pity the poor banksters! NY Times reports that Dodd-Frank and capital rules are forcing banks to change, may lead to breakups

--Walmart will raise wages for half million workers, above minimum

--Koch Industries and Center for American Progress team up to work on criminal justice reform