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PBC News & Comment: Obama 1.0 Resurfaces at White House Terrorism Conference

Rightwingers, led by talk radio loons, snipe at President Obama for failing to smear all Muslims in describing terrorist groups

–Obama 1.0 speaks at White House summit, correctly links human rights abuses with terrorism triggers

–Poland will pay fines for hosting American torture site…does torture trigger terrorists?

–new Snowden disclosure at The Intercept reveals that US and Brit spooks hacked billions of cellphone SIM cards

The Intercept also reports that, despite Obama’s order, FBI continues to use gag orders in National Security Letters

–Jeb Bush embraces all of the surveillance programs of his brother and Obama, while saying he won’t talk about foreign policy blunders, like invading Iraq

–skirmish in Turkish parliament as lawmakers oppose expanded police state

–in excerpt from our in-depth interview with investigative reporter Peter Byrne, he makes the case that reported breast cancer clusters are based on misinterpreted data

–pity the poor banksters! NY Times reports that Dodd-Frank and capital rules are forcing banks to change, may lead to breakups

–Walmart will raise wages for half million workers, above minimum

–Koch Industries and Center for American Progress team up to work on criminal justice reform