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PBC News & Comment: Bill O’Reilly is an American Idiot with a “Brian Williams Problem”

Bill O’Reilly has “Brian Williams” problem—David Corn exposes O’Reilly claim that he was in “active war zone” in Falklands

–new Greek government reaches 4-month deal with Euro bankers

–in Libya, media credits Daesh allies with attack that kills 45

–Egypt’s attack on Libya exposes big rift with Qatar in the club of Gulf dictators

–US accuses Israel of leaks and “cherry picking” info about Iran nuke talks

–in France, pimping charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn collapse in lurid trial

–at VICE, Jason Leopold reports GOP investigating White House role in FCC net neutrality ruling expected soon

–in another blow to Gitmo kangaroo courts, Australian David Hicks’ conviction is overturned

–former wife of former Virginia governor is sentenced to 1 year in prison for obvious corruption; Don Siegelman got more punishment for non-crimes

–Ohio Supreme Court overturns local fracking ban

–Boston appeals court panel hears arguments for change of venue in Tsarnaev trial

–Obamacare issues flawed tax reports to 800,000

–confirmation of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General is dragging due to HSBC case

–HSBC disclosures show Clinton foundation took foreign donations despite pledge not to