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PBC News & Comment: Bill O’Reilly is an American Idiot with a “Brian Williams Problem”

Bill O’Reilly has “Brian Williams” problem—David Corn exposes O’Reilly claim that he was in “active war zone” in Falklands

--new Greek government reaches 4-month deal with Euro bankers

--in Libya, media credits Daesh allies with attack that kills 45

--Egypt’s attack on Libya exposes big rift with Qatar in the club of Gulf dictators

--US accuses Israel of leaks and “cherry picking” info about Iran nuke talks

--in France, pimping charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn collapse in lurid trial

--at VICE, Jason Leopold reports GOP investigating White House role in FCC net neutrality ruling expected soon

--in another blow to Gitmo kangaroo courts, Australian David Hicks’ conviction is overturned

--former wife of former Virginia governor is sentenced to 1 year in prison for obvious corruption; Don Siegelman got more punishment for non-crimes

--Ohio Supreme Court overturns local fracking ban

--Boston appeals court panel hears arguments for change of venue in Tsarnaev trial

--Obamacare issues flawed tax reports to 800,000

--confirmation of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General is dragging due to HSBC case

--HSBC disclosures show Clinton foundation took foreign donations despite pledge not to