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PBC News & Comment: Proof Surfaces that Netanyahu Lied in 2012 UN Speech About Iran

Newly leaked Mossad memo contradicts Netanyahu on Iranian nuke program as Bibi readies new cartoon drawings for speech to Congress…

–NY jury decides Palestinian Authority should pay $650 million to families of American victims of Palestinian attacks in Israel

–following freak winter storm, Israel opens dams that flood Gaza, without warning

–new Pentagon boss visits Kabul, signals that US combat troops will stay indefinitely

–Pentagon telegraphs plan to retake Mosul “in April or May”, surprising new defense secretary Ashton Carter

–new leftist Tsipras government in Greece loses fight to ease austerity

–Boko Haram upgrades videos and adds Daesh flag to spook Americans

–politics in the classroom? We talk with Paula McEvoy, co-author of The Political Classroom

–freshman Dem Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, an Iraq war vet, uses GOP talking points on Fox “News” to criticize Obama for not saying “Islamic extremism”

–shots fired as Venezuelan president orders arrest of mayor of Caracas

–Labor Secretary Perez mediates settlement of west coast dock dispute

–at Oscars, Boyhood gets no respect, Birdman soars, the show sucked but some acceptance speeches were strongly political