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PBC News & Comment: Rahm Emmanuel Faces Chicago Voters Amid Revelation of Police “Black Site”

As Mayor Rahm Emmanuel seeks second term, Chicago police “black site” and history of abuse are exposed by Spencer Ackerman….Read Ackerman’s report here.

–Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, Emmanuel’s progressive challenger, cites Rahm’s opposition to immigration reform as he woos Latino voters

–immigration battle on Capitol Hill continues, as Dems hold firm and try to fault GOP for pending cutoff of Homeland Security funds

–at Consortium News, Robert Parry asks: Ready for Nuclear War Over Ukraine?

–progress reported in Iranian nuke talks

–2013 NSA memo leaked by Snowden shows active cyberwar between US and Iran

–CIA Director Brennan wants his own cyberwar unit

–Pando’s Yasha Levine seeks your help in funding new book, Surveillance Valley

–Iranian news service says Iraqis shot down 2 British planes and says those planes were dropping supplies to Islamic State forces

–California man who says he was CIA contractor claims that IS is a fabricated group funded by CIA. The report is from Iran’s Press TV

–report that 90 Christians in Syria abducted by IS

–Israel flexes bully muscles, browns out the West Bank over bills that are unpaid because Israel cut flow of tax money to Palestinian Authority

–VA director Robert MacDonald joins Brian Williams and Bill O’Reilly in the dock—he lied to vet about serving in special forces

–as FCC vote on net neutrality is set for Thursday, GOP readies corporate response