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PBC News & Comment: Keystone, Wars, and Immigration Frame Struggle Over Presidential Power

Keystone veto, war powers debate and immigration frame struggle over presidential power as showdown looms over Homeland Security funding cutoff…

--Obama follows through with veto threat on Keystone…will he hold firm?

--Senate leader McConnell and Speaker Boehner don’t seem to be talking, reflecting big split in GOP, and Rep. Peter King (R-Crazy) says his colleagues are crazy

--in NY Times, Peter Baker analyzes the struggle over proper limits to executive authority, but understates Obama's expansive view of his war powers

--Trevor Timm says don’t just shut down DHS, dismantle it

--also at The Guardian, op-ed puts true perspective on hyped threats: Terrorism poses no existential threat to America

--in latest domestic terrorism case, 3 non-citizens from Brooklyn are busted via wiretaps and paid informant

--setting the standard for a total police state, Egyptian dictator decrees new law that prohibits almost anything, includes detention language like our NDAA

--al Jazeera journalists arrested for flying drone in Paris

--in a fascinating in-depth interview with Prof. Bart Beaty, we learn the history and context of Charlie Hebdo and its political cartoons, here’s an excerpt

--Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel forced into runoff by Jesus as voters approve resolution to limit money in campaigns

--Hillary Clinton gives paid talk at Silicon Valley women’s forum, slams gender gap and Ed Snowden

--NY Post says Al Sharpton was paid to keep quiet about Comcast’s diversity problem

--reporter Ken Silverstein is not keeping quiet about First Look and Pierre Omidyar