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PBC News & Comment: Keystone, Wars, and Immigration Frame Struggle Over Presidential Power

Keystone veto, war powers debate and immigration frame struggle over presidential power as showdown looms over Homeland Security funding cutoff…

–Obama follows through with veto threat on Keystone…will he hold firm?

–Senate leader McConnell and Speaker Boehner don’t seem to be talking, reflecting big split in GOP, and Rep. Peter King (R-Crazy) says his colleagues are crazy

–in NY Times, Peter Baker analyzes the struggle over proper limits to executive authority, but understates Obama’s expansive view of his war powers

–Trevor Timm says don’t just shut down DHS, dismantle it

–also at The Guardian, op-ed puts true perspective on hyped threats: Terrorism poses no existential threat to America

–in latest domestic terrorism case, 3 non-citizens from Brooklyn are busted via wiretaps and paid informant

–setting the standard for a total police state, Egyptian dictator decrees new law that prohibits almost anything, includes detention language like our NDAA

–al Jazeera journalists arrested for flying drone in Paris

–in a fascinating in-depth interview with Prof. Bart Beaty, we learn the history and context of Charlie Hebdo and its political cartoons, here’s an excerpt

–Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel forced into runoff by Jesus as voters approve resolution to limit money in campaigns

–Hillary Clinton gives paid talk at Silicon Valley women’s forum, slams gender gap and Ed Snowden

NY Post says Al Sharpton was paid to keep quiet about Comcast’s diversity problem

–reporter Ken Silverstein is not keeping quiet about First Look and Pierre Omidyar