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PBC News & Comment: Jihadi John, American Malware and Net Neutrality

–Corporate media goes into hyperdrive over identification of “Jihadi John”, a monster created by Britain’s heavy handed anti-terrorism tactics….

Read the backstory of Mohammed Emwazi here.

–our Swiss listener Olivier de Mirleau tipped us to Ars Technica’s report that exposes massive malware schemes with NSA fingerprints

–FCC protects net neutrality in 3-2 vote, a major victory for activists

–Glenn Greenwald breaks down yesterday’s news of disrupted terror plot, echoes my comments on the pattern of frame-ups

–some states are trying to use psychological profiles of prisoners to predict future crime

–at Boiling Frogs Post, our Processing Distortion podcast features reporter Michael Ames, who says profiteers are preventing prison reform

–California 3-strike prisoners who won early release have very low levels of re-offending

–in bizarre war games, Iran televises attack on mock US aircraft carrier

–in bizarre warmongering, Netanyahu tries to scuttle Iran nuclear deal, as ObamaCo turns up the volume of criticism

–San Francisco archbishop attempts damage control after trying to impose morals clauses for teachers at Catholic schools

–California will pay $24 million to kill bad Schwarzenegger deal to sell state buildings