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PBC News & Comment: Alabama Supreme Court Defies Reality, and the Inevitable

Christian radicals on Alabama Supreme Court hunker down, issue new ban on same sex marriage in defiance of federal courts…

–Netanyahu’s grandstanding may lead to breakthrough in talks with Iran, and might cost him re-election

–Putin allies blame US for murder of Nemtsov, no proof offered

–Pentagon stats show a small number of men released from Guantanamo “returned to the fight”—and that’s defined very broadly, Jason Leopold reports

–former CIA analyst Mel Goodman rebuts David Cole’s recent op-ed defending CIA torture

–new report shows Obama White House balked at bomb train safety measures

–US oil glut reaches highest level in 80 years, but retail gas prices in California have shot back up to $3.50

–at TomDispatch, Pratap Chatterjee reports that US drone pilots are quitting in record numbers, some due to a new kind of remote combat stress –GOP’s Benghazi-obsessed Trey Gowdy aims for Hillary’s emails

–still-Attorney General Holder announces no federal charges for Michael Brown’s killer, Darren Wilson while finding long-term bias in Ferguson police department

–Brown’s family announces wrongful death lawsuit

–jazz producer Orrin Keepnews dies at age 91