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PBC News & Comment: In Boston Bomber Trial, Truth is First Casualty

In opening statement, defense counsel admits Tsarnaev brought backpack bomb, revealing that their sole objective is to avoid death penalty…

WhoWhatWhy offers best coverage, challenges the government’s case as one would hope the defense should: smoking gun video may not even exist; CIA connections unlikely to be exposed; who killed MIT campus cop?

–following lone wolf attacks, Canada is ramming through anti-democratic security laws in an undemocratic manner, just like its southern neighbor did, says report

–Hillary’s self-induced email controversy grows, as GOP House committee launches subpoenas and corporate media pundits speculate about her bowing out of 2016

–Cutting through the partisan smoke of Netanyahu’s speech and reception, cool analysts expose his lies and exaggerations, and note a minor shift in his “zero” demands of Iran. Read alJazeera’s “4 point reality check” here, and Bob Parry’s commentary here.

–in oral arguments on challenge to Obamacare, justices appear sharply divided

–Guantanamo prisoners released to Uruguay face new nightmares with old ghosts

–at New York’s infamous Riker’s Island jail complex, prisoners broke into locked room to rescue female guard from rape by an inmate