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PBC News & Comment: Preview of Powerful Interview with John Kiriakou

Former CIA officer John Kiriakou, the only American jailed in connection with Bush torture program, shares his powerful story…

--at Leavenworth, whistleblower Chelsea Manning is now called “she” and is due to start hormone therapy

--NY climate change protesters win acquittal after presenting “necessity defense”

--300 US troops arrive in western Ukraine as “advisors”, and Moscow reacts

--US watches as Iran steps up fighting in Iraq against Daesh

--at al Jazeera, David Cay Johnston reports on FERC, the energy regulator captive to its industries

--boosting Scott Walker’s presidential hopes, Wisconsin passes anti-union “right to work” law

--even before the email flap that broke this week, former SF Mayor Willie Brown expressed doubts about Hillary

--it’s been a year since Malaysian flight 370 mysteriously went down, and took CNN’s ratings with it

--50 years after bloody protest in Selma, Obama will lead Sunday march over famous bridge, burnishing a very weak record on racial progress