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PBC News & Comment: Preview of Powerful Interview with John Kiriakou

Former CIA officer John Kiriakou, the only American jailed in connection with Bush torture program, shares his powerful story…

–at Leavenworth, whistleblower Chelsea Manning is now called “she” and is due to start hormone therapy

–NY climate change protesters win acquittal after presenting “necessity defense”

–300 US troops arrive in western Ukraine as “advisors”, and Moscow reacts

–US watches as Iran steps up fighting in Iraq against Daesh

–at al Jazeera, David Cay Johnston reports on FERC, the energy regulator captive to its industries

–boosting Scott Walker’s presidential hopes, Wisconsin passes anti-union “right to work” law

–even before the email flap that broke this week, former SF Mayor Willie Brown expressed doubts about Hillary

–it’s been a year since Malaysian flight 370 mysteriously went down, and took CNN’s ratings with it

–50 years after bloody protest in Selma, Obama will lead Sunday march over famous bridge, burnishing a very weak record on racial progress