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PBC News & Comment: Poll Says Fox “News” is Most Trusted, Least Trusted Outlet

New poll shows Fox “News” is most-trusted, and least-trusted news outlet,  viewers say O’Reilly should keep on lying…

 –at BradBlog, former Fox host calls O’Reilly “liar”, says no one expects the truth from him

–Netanyahu’s former Mossad chief calls “bullshit”, says Bibi knowingly misled Congress in speech last week

–47 GOP Senators embrace the bullshit, openly undermining Iran negotiations

–NY Times runs list of unresolved issues in Iran talks

–in PR move that spooks the West, Boko Haram pledges alliance with IS

–Belhadj, the Lybian who was trafficked by CIA to be tortured by Qaddafi, then helped US overthrow Qaddaffi, joins IS

–former NBC, CBS news boss Andrew Lack now runs Broadcast Board of Governors, considers RT in same propaganda vein as Boko Haram, IS

–NJ Sen. Bob Menendez will finally face corruption charges

–Obama says he didn’t know Hillary was using private email address….really?

–Rev. Billy on trial in New York for preaching at Grand Central