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PBC News & Comment: Poll Says Fox “News” is Most Trusted, Least Trusted Outlet

New poll shows Fox “News” is most-trusted, and least-trusted news outlet,  viewers say O’Reilly should keep on lying…

 --at BradBlog, former Fox host calls O’Reilly “liar”, says no one expects the truth from him

--Netanyahu’s former Mossad chief calls “bullshit”, says Bibi knowingly misled Congress in speech last week

--47 GOP Senators embrace the bullshit, openly undermining Iran negotiations

--NY Times runs list of unresolved issues in Iran talks

--in PR move that spooks the West, Boko Haram pledges alliance with IS

--Belhadj, the Lybian who was trafficked by CIA to be tortured by Qaddafi, then helped US overthrow Qaddaffi, joins IS

--former NBC, CBS news boss Andrew Lack now runs Broadcast Board of Governors, considers RT in same propaganda vein as Boko Haram, IS

--NJ Sen. Bob Menendez will finally face corruption charges

--Obama says he didn’t know Hillary was using private email address….really?

--Rev. Billy on trial in New York for preaching at Grand Central