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PBC News & Comment: Ayatollah Replies to Senate “Backstabbers”

--Ayatollah Khamenei hammers GOP senators as “backstabbers” with “declining political ethics” in response to their condescending letter about nuke negotiations....

--Kerry tells Senate committee they can’t cancel a deal with Iran

--Iranian officers are directing Iraqi troops closing in on Tikrit, top US general “concerned” about outcome

--ABC News reports that Shiite militias are committing atrocities just like their Sunni opponent, IS

--Congress interjects itself in peace talks, but can’t reach agreement on war powers against IS

--at the Intercept, Scahill and Begley detail CIA’s 10-year effort to hack Apple devices /

--former Intercept reporter Ken Silverstein slams Omidyar and First Look as “dysfunctional, failed organization” in free-wheeling interview for Processing Distortion

--Swedish supreme court agrees to hear appeal from Assange

--ultracon Americans for Limited Government call for Sen. Lindsay Graham to resign over extreme comment

--cops shot at Ferguson protest treated and released

--False Choice Dept: NY Times story says major Dems see “no choice” but Hillary

--Palestinian-American activist Rasmieh Odeh sentenced to 18 months and deportation