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PBC News & Comment: Ayatollah Replies to Senate “Backstabbers”

–Ayatollah Khamenei hammers GOP senators as “backstabbers” with “declining political ethics” in response to their condescending letter about nuke negotiations….

–Kerry tells Senate committee they can’t cancel a deal with Iran

–Iranian officers are directing Iraqi troops closing in on Tikrit, top US general “concerned” about outcome

–ABC News reports that Shiite militias are committing atrocities just like their Sunni opponent, IS

–Congress interjects itself in peace talks, but can’t reach agreement on war powers against IS

–at the Intercept, Scahill and Begley detail CIA’s 10-year effort to hack Apple devices /

–former Intercept reporter Ken Silverstein slams Omidyar and First Look as “dysfunctional, failed organization” in free-wheeling interview for Processing Distortion

–Swedish supreme court agrees to hear appeal from Assange

–ultracon Americans for Limited Government call for Sen. Lindsay Graham to resign over extreme comment

–cops shot at Ferguson protest treated and released

–False Choice Dept: NY Times story says major Dems see “no choice” but Hillary

–Palestinian-American activist Rasmieh Odeh sentenced to 18 months and deportation