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PBC News & Comment: Time to “Do the Clinton”, Again

Hillary’s press conference about her email invites more questions, exhibits same ‘90’s corporate lawyer style that turns people off….

–Iran warmonger Sen. Tom Cotton won election in 2014 with $1 million in attack ads from Bill Kristol’s Emergency Committee for Israel

–trial of retired Marine General Cartwright for leaking exposes another covert op against Iran, may lead to dismissal

–as CIA boss Brennan announces reorganization, former CIA officers oppose it in letter to Obama

–African Union troops take on Boko Haram in Nigeria, saying Boko’s alliance with IS is “an act of desperation”

–US deploys 3,000 for war games in eastern Europe

–Dumb n dumber: Florida bans state workers from using “climate change”, China takes down air pollution documentary

–4 years after earthquake, tsunami and meltdown at Fukushima, California is warned of impending Big One

SF Chronicle recently reported testing violations at last California nuke plant, Diablo Canyon

–California senators grill state regulators over fracking wastewater risk to aquifiers

–in effort to update chemical safety regulations, NM Dem Senator Tom Udall draws attacks from Sen. Boxer