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PBC News & Comment: Time to “Do the Clinton”, Again

Hillary’s press conference about her email invites more questions, exhibits same ‘90’s corporate lawyer style that turns people off….

--Iran warmonger Sen. Tom Cotton won election in 2014 with $1 million in attack ads from Bill Kristol’s Emergency Committee for Israel

--trial of retired Marine General Cartwright for leaking exposes another covert op against Iran, may lead to dismissal

--as CIA boss Brennan announces reorganization, former CIA officers oppose it in letter to Obama

--African Union troops take on Boko Haram in Nigeria, saying Boko’s alliance with IS is “an act of desperation”

--US deploys 3,000 for war games in eastern Europe

--Dumb n dumber: Florida bans state workers from using “climate change”, China takes down air pollution documentary

--4 years after earthquake, tsunami and meltdown at Fukushima, California is warned of impending Big One

--SF Chronicle recently reported testing violations at last California nuke plant, Diablo Canyon

--California senators grill state regulators over fracking wastewater risk to aquifiers

--in effort to update chemical safety regulations, NM Dem Senator Tom Udall draws attacks from Sen. Boxer