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PBC News & Comment: Recapping a Very Weird Week

In compelling analysis, journalist Gareth Porter offers the real story behind the letter from 47 GOP senators to the Ayatollah...Read Porter's piece here

--Friday’s NY Times lead editorial echoes your humble host’s comment here yesterday

--Dennis Kucinich publishes 10 reasons to oppose authorization for Iraq-Syria war

--in Iraq, “friendly fire” bombing raid kills 22 in Anbar

--in struggle over Greek austerity, Tsipras demands WWII reparations from Germany

--in an in-depth interview with Prof. Peter Laufer, we talk about his new book Organic, and weak efforts to enforce organic standards and labeling

--Obama’s announcement of sanctions on Venezuela and bizarre claim of national security threat brings strong comments from Glenn Greenwald

--at alJazeera, an excellent 6-minute video report explains the use of Stingray

--UN torture inspector refused access to Gitmo, federal prisons

--unknown blogger Publius offers interesting take on Tsarnaev trial, says Dzhokar should testify; thanks to listener Dick Atlee in Maine for the news tip!

--Swedish prosecutor will interview Assange in London

--Secret Service incident last week disrupted bomb threat investigation at White House