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PBC News & Comment: Recapping a Very Weird Week

In compelling analysis, journalist Gareth Porter offers the real story behind the letter from 47 GOP senators to the Ayatollah…Read Porter’s piece here

–Friday’s NY Times lead editorial echoes your humble host’s comment here yesterday

–Dennis Kucinich publishes 10 reasons to oppose authorization for Iraq-Syria war

–in Iraq, “friendly fire” bombing raid kills 22 in Anbar

–in struggle over Greek austerity, Tsipras demands WWII reparations from Germany

–in an in-depth interview with Prof. Peter Laufer, we talk about his new book Organic, and weak efforts to enforce organic standards and labeling

–Obama’s announcement of sanctions on Venezuela and bizarre claim of national security threat brings strong comments from Glenn Greenwald

–at alJazeera, an excellent 6-minute video report explains the use of Stingray

–UN torture inspector refused access to Gitmo, federal prisons

–unknown blogger Publius offers interesting take on Tsarnaev trial, says Dzhokar should testify; thanks to listener Dick Atlee in Maine for the news tip!

–Swedish prosecutor will interview Assange in London

–Secret Service incident last week disrupted bomb threat investigation at White House