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PBC News & Comment: Facing Election Loss, Desperate Netanyahu Shows True Colors

In desperate bid to win Tuesday’s election, Netanyahu reveals what we’ve long suspected: he opposes any plan for Palestinian statehood……..

--US Senate committee to investigate role of former Obama campaign workers in Israeli election

--Prof. Juan Cole lists the 5 ways Netanyahu has sabotaged US and Israel interests

--Zionist group This World sends late valentine to Sen. Bob Menendez, ignoring his pending indictment

--in adjacent pages in Sunday NY Times, we see that 80% of the lights are out in Syria due to civil war; Citibank brags they are helping Detroit, where 40% of the lights were out

--Kerry floats idea of talks with Syria, gets blasted from all sides, including Assad

--Kerry kisses up to Egypt’s dictator, cheerleading investor conference in Cairo, hints at resumption of US aid suspended after coup

--Obama administration changes the Afghan exit plan, again

--CIA paid ransom to al Qaeda, and weekly cash drops to Kabul government continue

--as latest “domestic terrorism” suspects enter pleas in NYC, Trevor Aaronson exposes another frame-up by the FBI

--and The Guardian exposes the 5-year ordeal of an American from Oregon who refused to become an informant, and was tortured, exiled in Sweden, returned last month