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PBC News & Comment: Facing Election Loss, Desperate Netanyahu Shows True Colors

In desperate bid to win Tuesday’s election, Netanyahu reveals what we’ve long suspected: he opposes any plan for Palestinian statehood……..

–US Senate committee to investigate role of former Obama campaign workers in Israeli election

–Prof. Juan Cole lists the 5 ways Netanyahu has sabotaged US and Israel interests

–Zionist group This World sends late valentine to Sen. Bob Menendez, ignoring his pending indictment

–in adjacent pages in Sunday NY Times, we see that 80% of the lights are out in Syria due to civil war; Citibank brags they are helping Detroit, where 40% of the lights were out

–Kerry floats idea of talks with Syria, gets blasted from all sides, including Assad

–Kerry kisses up to Egypt’s dictator, cheerleading investor conference in Cairo, hints at resumption of US aid suspended after coup

–Obama administration changes the Afghan exit plan, again

–CIA paid ransom to al Qaeda, and weekly cash drops to Kabul government continue

–as latest “domestic terrorism” suspects enter pleas in NYC, Trevor Aaronson exposes another frame-up by the FBI

–and The Guardian exposes the 5-year ordeal of an American from Oregon who refused to become an informant, and was tortured, exiled in Sweden, returned last month